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Local Man’s Prank on Postman Goes Horribly Wrong

The Man discovered that the Postal Worker had been having an affair with his wife and decided to take matters into his own hands.

A local man recently found out that his wife has been having an affair with a local Postman and WE have the exclusive! That’s right!

The adult man understandably decided that he would deal with the problem the old-fashioned way: Play a prank on the Postman and not confront his wife. Looks like he really stamped his authority on the situation. Sounds like this man is the full package. This won’t be something he’ll want to write home about. In my opinion, a good prank is all in the delivery. This failure will be something he’ll want to address. Maybe he should just pack it all up and move to Parcelona. Anyway, here it is:

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