The 13 Best Title Sequences in the History of Television

The 80s were a bloody important time!

In no particular order:

1. The Love Boat

I’ve never seen this show but as far as I can tell, every single aspect of it took place on a moving boat. It ran for ten years. 250 episodes! Also, I love when someone is the old person of a show that was on thirty years ago and you check imdB and they’re still regularly working. Also, how bloody big is this main cast!

2. Perfect Strangers

I love everyone’s purposeful walks to the marker.

3.  The Greatest American Hero

Disarmingly melancholy. Why is the music sad? He’s just found out that he’s a bloody superhero!

4. Magnum, P.I.

Obviously one of the best. Love the bit when he shrugs whilst holding the swimming woman.

5. Miami Vice

Really great opening all around. The whole thing tells us absolutely nothing about what to expect from the show but that’s ok.

6. Who’s The Boss?

Here’s a couple of things about this show:

–  16 seconds in, Tony Danza says “MO’NING”

– My Sister and I watched every single episode of this when we were aged 11 and 8. Not sure why.

– Just from these opening credits, you can tell that Matt LeBlanc based the entirety of the character “Joey” on everything Tony Danza did here.

7. Airwolf

The opening ten seconds sounds like every episode of Stranger Things. The second ten seconds sounds like Flash Gordon.

8. Three’s Company

All good. No complaints at all.

9. Laverne and Shirley

This show just looks good. 80s Broad City.

10. Cheers

Really catchy but considering this is a laugh out loud comedy, the tone of the music is strange.

11. Bosom Buddies

Really strange how they had to completely explain the entire plot of the show before the theme song properly kicks in. Still looks great, though.

12. Charlie’s Angels

Weird how Charlie calls them “little girls” but otherwise, all good.

13. Hawaii Five-0

Really great. Don’t know how this isn’t still on.

I know there are a load of other great ones but I’m not going to sit here and do this all bloody day.

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