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Rogue Wine Bottle Doesn’t Agree with Recycling

The chatter from the Tesco’s Express on Queen’s Road Peckham is that a bottle of Finca Las Moras doesn’t believe in recycling.

The chatter from the Tescos Express on Queens Road Peckham is that a bottle of Finca Las Moras doesnt believe in recycling.

The outspoken, medium-bodied Malbec, can often be heard throughout the shelves of the wine section of the southeast London shop preaching loudly to whoever will listen about how, when your last drop is shaken out thats it, theres nothing left but to decompose in the ground over the next million or so years.

Detractors are vocal and as plentiful as the soft notes of red fruit flavoring found in every drop of the Argentinian vineyards signature offering. They often point to the three arrows that are tattooed onto his body. Though whenever this is brought up, he notes that the symbol looks suspiciously similar to one Ive seen before.

He just wont listen to reason,a full-bodied, Languedoc with subtle tones of Vanilla and blackberries said, the evidence that well all be recycled is undeniable. It even says it on his label, but the guy just wont listen.’ 


Laura Merizalde/Instagram - @lau.merr


Though it seems like he wont ever change his stance on the matter, most of neighbors think his position is ultimately harmless.

Ya know, hes not so bad, once ya get used to him, and every so often he says something that makes ya really appreciate life,said a tangy Pinet de Picpoul with hints of lemon and pear. In fact, I kinda like his outlook on life, and while I personally believe in recycling, his idea that its important to live your life to the fullest because you never know when youll be empty,is one that I hope to teach my kids someday. That is, if my vintners ever come out with a 330 ml version.


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