EXCLUSIVE: James Corden has been secretly playing in the NFL

Actor, TV Host, Singer...Professional Athlete?

MO’NING has uncovered a shocking exclusive: Multiple Emmy and BAFTA award-winning Actor and Host of The Late Late Show James Corden has been leading a double life.

As well as starring in the upcoming Oceans 8 and hosting all the awards shows, Corden has also found time to surreptitiously start as Guard for the Buffalo Bills.

Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images


Corden’s alias – and you won’t believe this – is “Richie Incognito”. It’s like if James Bond was called Tom Spy or Meryl Streep was called Samantha Actress or if Tom Selleck was called Oliver Moustache or if Former New York Congressman and notorious sex offender who sends unwarranted pictures of his genitalia Anthony Weiner was called…never mind.

As well as the impressive feat of being able to hold down two incredibly intense and varied career paths, Corden, at age 39, is the third oldest active NFL player and probably the only one from High Wycombe.

We have contacted Corden’s representatives for comment.

P.S: Don’t look up any other pictures of Richie Incognito because that’s the only one where he looks like him.

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