Goldsmiths: The South East Beast

Four years ago today Gareth “Gareth” Snelling and I finished our short film “Goldsmiths: The South East Beast”. We made it over three days in the cold, hard winter of 2013 for a laugh. Four days if you count the day we didn’t have the sound turned on.

Another reason for making the film was that we were bloody astounded… that’s right, astounded! to find out that the university had spent about 20 grand on the god-awful “You should come to Goldsmiths” video for prospective attendees so we thought that we could make a better one for 0 grand whilst making fun of the other one. Also, the head of Media said I wasn’t very funny so I wanted to make a point.

Starring: Gareth Snelling, Daniel Lee, Adam Chapman, Tom Knight-Gaynor, Jasmine Day, Jasmine’s mate, Elly Tindall, Former Hob landlord, Leigh Simmons, John Matts, Jenny Craig, Josh Richards, Jack Henry, Ankles, and Lauren Crock.

Here it is:


And here’s the one we were sort of parodying:

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