Groundclog Day

What the damn hell is wrong with Shawne's toilet?


I’ve recently moved into a new house share. I’m also in the process of gaining some serious mass. I’ve been in this house for like a month and I’ve clogged the toilet about 15 times, more than any other month I have on record.

My question is, is it the toilet in this house? Or my 240 grams of protein per day?

I don’t know how to ask my new housemates if there’s a problem with the toilet when they use it, without confessing that I’ve clogged it. And then what if they haven’t and they just think I’m some major dick?

Any help would be ace.



MO’NING Shawne!

I’m gonna come out and say it, if you’ve been in the house a month and clogged the toilet 15 times then they may have an idea that it’s something to do with you. It’s unlikely that the toilet was getting clogged 15 times a month before you arrived. And now all of a sudden it’s getting clogged almost daily since you moved in. But then again, if no one has said anything, then odds are, maybe the clogging isn’t a new thing. It sounds like someone else in the house is also an incognito-clogger. Inclognito, I believe the Japanese call it.  Maybe take notice of how long everyone spends in the ‘ol W.C so you can suss out who the other clogger is. Then you’ve got a partner in this mess and you guys can double-team the situation.

Nice one,



safe, I'm mostly gonna be ya man on the seen for current affairs over the oceans but you can also expect some really fucking insightful thought pieces, and some pretty decent short stories. Anyway, cheers, Terry

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