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Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad came up with the idea for Narcos

And he doesn't need a lawyer like SAUL BLOODY GOODMAN to prove it!

Breaking News from 2010: Walt Jr. pitched the idea of the popular show ‘Narcos’ during an episode of Breaking Bad.

From Season 3, Episode 8. Air date: 9th May 2010.

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Netflix commissioned Narcos on the 14th of February 2013. The series premiered on the 28th August 2015.

But, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right?! I mean, no one really saw Breaking Bad. Except, maybe everyone and their Nans!

When asked for comment, Walt Jr said: “Don’t call me Walt Jr, my names Flynn”

“Flynn, would you care to comment?”

“My name’s Walt Jr”

There you have it.

Breaking Bad is one of the finest television programs ever made. Yet, the fact that they manage to pitch an idea for another hit tv show during meaningless dialogue is unexpected.

We have reached* out to Netflix and Narcos creator Jose Padilha for comment and they are yet to respond.



*We haven’t

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