Shia Labeouf: The Hobgoblin Years

Put on your wellys because we're about to spill the beans

What do you think about when the years 2012-2014 are mentioned? For me, that whole time period was defined by finding out that all apples are clones. Every single one. And I’m including Braeburns in that!

But that’s not what defines the era for most people.

Everyone knows that every good era has a name. Neolithic, Baroque, Polish Golden Age, The Roaring Twenties, and Shia Labeouf: The Hobgoblin Years.

From 2012-2014, Shia Labeouf visited the pub right by our University and got into numerous (two) fights. We unpacked that phenomenon in this documentary. Why was he there? What were the fights about? Was he ok? Were the other guys ok? We didn’t answer any of those but we did have a good laugh.


Made in January 2014. By Jack Henry, Daniel Lee, and Ann Cows.

Starring Jack Henry, Daniel Lee, Sam Bossman, Jess Rhodes, the bloke who shouts ‘Get YA STANDARD’ outside New Cross Gate Station, Grace Lee, John Matts, and some angry blokes.

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