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How the hell is Austria going to cope with Halloween this year?

An Austrian man was just fined for refusing to take off his shark head. WHY

What do you think of when someone says ‘Austria’?

First off, how tasty is Fosters? Am I right? Secondly, the Viennese classical style of composition truly shaped music around the world. Thank you. Thirdly, we love your kangaroos.

On October 1st, Austria banned full-face veils, because they think that will ‘promote integration’.

It turns out that that ban doesn’t just include burqas, it includes just about anything that covers your face.

Austria’s Heute reported Monday that a man wearing a shark costume, who was of course hired by the electronics company McShark to do some promotional work, was fined when he refused to take off his shark head.

When asked to remove his shark head under the ‘Full-Face Veil’ law, the unnamed man refused. ‘I’m just doing my job’ he said. He was then slapped, not literally, with a €150 fine. Reports say he later took the shark head off for lunch.

shark suit

This worries the average Austrian for two reasons. First off, what the hell? Secondly, what in the name of Sam Hill are they going to do for Halloween this year?

Word on the street is that the Halloween costume everyone goes for this year will be Pennywise from IT. The makeup for a convincing Pennywise these days makes whoever’s wearing it completely unrecognisable. In a way, that can be considered as fully-covering one’s face. How about that, Austria! 

Ironman, Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh, Hagrid, and Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky are also presumably all off the menu for festive Austrians from now on.

Is Austria doomed to a forlorn future of half-arsed dressing up involving TV and Movie characters so non-uniformed that no one even knows you’ve dressed up? Now they have to be bare-faced, will they just take the easy way out?

Are they all going to just chuck on some glasses and say they’re Barb from Stranger Things? Carry a big baking tray around and call themselves Captain America

Realistically, we all know that you, Austria, are not going to ban children from wearing Spiderman masks on Halloween. October 31st will likely be a day when the ‘Full-Face Veil ban’ is temporarily lifted. Like The Purge but for people who want to cover their face? Will that just be for novelty shark-esque costumes? Or will you generously let women who prefer to wear a veil have one day off, too?

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