MO’NING, as well as being the name of the website you’re on right now, is also a word.

Discovered c. 2012 in Southeast London by a group of friends who had nothing on them but a shovel and a dream.



    1. ‘It’s a greeting, a parting, or even just a quip of encouragement or agreement’ – Grace Lee
    2.  ‘Hello, goodbye, and everything in between’ – Will Miller
    3.  ‘Good to see you’ ‘That’s a good point you made back there’ ‘Well, would you look at that’ 
    4.  ‘A yet to be realized tonal language of Anglo-Saxon origins, which can be traced back centuries’ – Jack Henry

Synonyms: Aloha, Ciao

MO’NING: A history

The world was not right back in the long, hard Spring of 2012. We lived under a prophetic umbrella of fear.  The world had been diagnosed with an incurable condition and creating new words was one of the only escapes we had from the crippling anxiety that suffocated us day and night. We also made our own chutney.



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