What does ‘MO’NING’ mean?

It primarily means ‘Hello’. But it also means many other things. Scientists believe there are no less than forty current definitions. Take a stroll over to our History section to read an extended etymology

Can I contribute to MO’NING?

Please do! If you have something to pitch which you think no one has written about before, or hasn’t written about it in the way you will. Send an email to moningreview@gmail.com

Can I design something for MO’NING?

Yes! Send pitches to moningreview@gmail.com

When are you going to start doing t-shirts that say ‘MO’NING’ on them?

So bloody soon

What does FAQ stand for?

Fuck! Ask Quora

When will your first print issue be released? 

Sometime before 2018!

Will you ship to Botswana/Dayton, Ohio/Hiroshima/Morecambe/The Pitcairn Islands?

We’re going to ship anywhere in the world!

I live on a ship. Do you ship to me?

Yeah, I guess.

I’m interested in buying a ship, can you help me with that?

Yeah, go to http://www.maritimesales.com/

Have you been to Disneyland?



This is nearly my cup of tea. Can you recommend websites that are like this but better?

That’s very hurtful but I’ll look into it.

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